Melanie Bennett Jacobson is an avid reader, amateur cook, and champion shopper. She consumes astonishing amounts of chocolate, chick flicks, and romance novels. After meeting her husband online, she is now living happily married in Southern California with her growing family and a series of doomed houseplants. Melanie is a former English teacher and a popular speaker who loves to laugh and make others laugh. In her down time (ha!), she writes romantic comedies for Covenant and maintains her humorous slice-of-life blog. Her fourth novel, Smart Move, hits shelves in October.
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Ten New Things About Me

  1. I love roller coasters with a deep and abiding love.
  2. I can't cross my eyes. When my kids want to make me feel bad about myself, they cross their eyes at me.
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Painting Kisses - Chapter One

Hell was full of either coffee or dried bits of omelet.

Maybe both.

Definitely both, I decided as I wiped up the spillover from the twentieth breakfast I’d served. These construction guys made a bigger mess than my niece Chloe did. Then again, Chloe was probably the world’s only three-year-old who ate with the table manners of the Queen of England . . . when she felt like it. (read more)

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